Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eye Donation/Pledging Awareness Week at HP India Office - Session 2!

One of our HP offices in Bangalore wanted to host the Eye Donation/Pledging Awareness Camp for 2nd session, as many people had shown interest for the 1st session but could not make it due to various reasons. So, yesterday (23-Sept-08) the Doctor from Prabha Eye Bank visited this office and we conducted this camp for nearly 3 hours...and the response that we got was just awesome...above all expectations! We collected nearly 125 pledges from the interested employees and hitting this 3-digit number is really a milestone by itself! Again, Thanks to everyone who opted for this camp and I wish they will spread the word among their friends and families!
Gift Your Sight :: Make It Your Wish!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eye Donation/Pledging Awareness Week at HP India

This week (Sep 8th to Sep 12th 2008) I organized an Awareness campaign on Eye Donation/Pledging in my company, HP India. The Week was celebrated across multiple locations in HP Bangalore offices with the co-operation of Prabha Eye Bank c/o Prabha Eye Clinic, one of the oldest eye clinic's of Bangalore. About the event, over the week the response was not so encouraging (better I will not speak about the numbers!) but Myself and the CSR club of HP did our best to get people aware of this noble cause. Thanks to everyone who opted for this camp and I wish they will spread the word among their friends and families!
Gift Your Sight :: Make It Your Wish!

Donate eyes, help the blind, say docs

An article in Times Of India, Bangalore edition (Page 5) related to Eye Donation Fortnight. ======================================================== Donate eyes, help the blind, say docs TIMES NEWS NETWORK Bangalore: The Bangalore West Lions super-specialty eye hospital will observe the 23rd National Eye Donation Fortnight to spread awareness on eye donation from August 25 to September 8. During these 15 days, the hospital will disseminate information about corneal blindness, the importance for eye donation and who can donate eyes and encourage people to donate eyes. About 45,000 corneal graftings are required in the country but only 20,000 are being done now as not many donors are ready, says Dr Rekha Gyanchand. Dr Rekha said one person in the world goes blind every second, one child goes blind every minute and 60% of them are less than 12 years. There are around 45 million visually challenged persons in the world. People with diabetes or using spectacles or having hypertension can make eye donation but those who died due to infections caused by rabies, syphilis, infectious hepatitis, septicemia and AIDS cannot be donors. For eye donation, the relatives of the deceased person should inform the hospital immediately after the death of the person. The eyes need to be collected within six hours after death and both eyes of the deceased should be closed. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes. The Lions International Eye Bank is giving sight to the needy since 1984 and has collected 1,421 eyes. For eye donation, contact: 9740556666 / 22121253 / 22237628 or e-mail: ========================================================

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, New Hopes!!

Let this new year bring hopes and colors to all my blind friends out there waiting to see the light!
Let us give our best and join hands to support our folks!
H a p p y N e w Y e a r 2 0 0 7 !
Gift Your Sight :: Bring Colors To Blind's Life :: Make It Your Wish!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Gift Your Sight @ BarCamp Blr

Attended the BarCamp Bangalore event that went on for 2 days (Dec 2nd and 3rd 2006) @ ThoughtWorks, Diamond District, Airport Road, Bangalore.
It was a very nice, comfortable, fun-filled social gathering. Learnt a lot from this event!
Presented "Gift Your Sight" initiative in one of the day-1 sessions. Pretty good response.
The photos of this event can be found @ Flickr! (You can find me in some of the photos! :O)
And the PPT I presented is here @ Slideshare
Any comments/inputs/suggestions, welcome @ giftyoursight [at] gmail [dot] com

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Unconferencing in BarCamp!

On Dec 2nd and 3rd, BarCamp is once again visiting Bengalooru (, venue for which is ThoughtWorks - DD, Airport Road.
I am planning to present this "Gift Your Sight" Initiative and hope to bring awareness and spread the word for the need of this noble cause!

Monday, April 24, 2006

ORKUT Community!

I have created an online community on Eye Donation called 'Gift Your Sight' in ORKUT. Please do join this community thereby supporting this noble cause and spreading the message of the requirement of eye donation...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pledging Form and Info material

Form - Kannada (PDF) Info - Kannada (PDF) Form - English (PDF) Info - English (PDF) The above info and forms are from Lions International Eye Bank, Bangalore. The filled forms can be submitted to the Eye bank and as an acknowledgement, Donor card will be issued. This card will be having the contact details of the eye bank and your unique Donor number, for any future correspondence.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dr.Rajkumar's eyes transplanted to TWO visually-challenged individuals...

Further to Late Dr.Rajkumar's eye donation, his eyes has been transplanted to TWO visually-challenged individuals and hopefully these two blessed individuals will be able to se this beautiful world thru the great man's eyes...(This news is according to the latest reports from a TV Channel)
Long live his memories...Long live his eyes...
I truly wish and pray god that this move by the great man, our 'anna', will be an inspiration and a stong message to all the people, across Karnataka and across the globe, to come forward to donate the eyes!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dr. Rajkumar donates his eyes...

Even though it's very sad that our Dr. Raj passed away, it is great to hear this news about eye donation. Pass this message to all your known folks so that Dr. Raj can be a real example for supporting this noble cause and thereby showing way to lot of other people and giving inspiration to come forward to donate the eyes!! Let his soul RIP. ========================= Eyes donated to 'eye bank' (Source: Deccan Herald, Bangalore) As per his wish, the eyes of Kannada thespian Rajkumar, who died here today, were donated to the "Eye Bank", the actor's personal physician Dr Ramana Rao said. Dr Bhujanga Shetty of Narayana Nethralaya performed the surgery to remove the eyes soon after Rajkumar died, Rao said. It was Rajkumar's wish that his eyes be donated to the eye bank after his death, he said. =========================

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Write-up on 'Gift Your Sight' Awareness Campaign

Click here to read a small write-up about the campaign to create Awareness on Eye Donation ('Gift Your Sight' campaign) that i conducted in my company on 22nd Feb 2006.
As i am part of the wonderful Volunteer group called Mukta Foundation, the writeup or as my friend calls it a Perspective is available @
If anybody is interested in conducting such campaigns, i am ever ready to provide my full support. Please contact me at:
"Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes! - Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift Your Sight - Make it your WISH!"

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Successful conclusion of the Eye Donation and Pledging Campaign - Gift Your Sight!

The Campaign to Create Awareness on Eye Pledging and Eye Donation, conducted in my company campus yesterday (22nd Feb 2006), was a whopping success!! There was good response by the people for this and i thank god for making my first step a success...I thank Lions International Eye Bank for coming down here on my request and conducting this 'Gift Your Sight' campaign. (The pic on the left side is the small counter setup for this campaign, in my company!)
Number wise, we are around 1200+ in our campus here and i got pledges totalling 275+ (from 1145hrs to 1645hrs) from the employees here.
Going forward, i plan to take this campaign to lot more companies, thru the network of my good
friends and spread the message...

Monday, February 20, 2006

First 'Gift Your Sight' Campaign in my company!

On Wednesday, 22nd February 2006, i am taking the responsibility of conducting a Eye Pledging and Eye Donation Information counter, in my company campus premises, with the kind support from Lions International Eye Bank, Bangalore. This will be one-day activity (1030hrs to 1630hrs) where my fellow colleagues can come to the counter and pledge their eyes for donation, get more information on eye donation and in turn motivate their family/friends to support this noble cause.
More updates about this after the campaign.
Pledge and Donate Eyes :: GIFT YOUR SIGHT :: Make it your WISH!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Eyeball in my hand and some astonishing numbers...

On Saturday, i visited the Lions International Eye Bank (Off JC Road) and spoke regarding the upcoming activity of setting up an 'Eye Pledge Counter' in my company premises. Post this talk, they took me to the Lab and showed me the 'Gods greatest gift' to humans....the eyes!!!! Yes, these were the eyes that were gave vision to a person and now, ready to show this world to a blind person! Amazing right...yeah...i saw around 5 eyes kept in the refridgerator and soaked in some preservative, wating to get their new life! They had removed the whole eye (including the White portion called Sclera) and it was kind of a thrill to see the eyes...just the eyes and the cornea. To remove the cornea (this part is the only needed for eye give sight to a corneally-blind person), they have an equipment that does 'Button cutting'! This name can be mapped to the button shaped cornea in the eye, the part that gives vision and shows the world to us... Apart from this, i got some highly pathetic number...the number of corneas collected right from 1992 to 31st Dec 2005....and guess this number for a span of 13 years....its just 11872! This is dismally low and a very pathetic figure, considering the number of deaths in Bangalore. Also, i got to see the number of corneas collected during the month of Jan 2006...for all 31days, they had a collection of 102 only!!!! Bangalore's average death rate is 3500-4000 persons, that translates to around 8000 corneas...and out of that, only 102 eyes donated?? Too disappointing... We need to act upon this and improve this donation numbers so that more and more can get vision and see this world. Please spread the message of eye donation and help blind to get sight.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Procedure for pledging/donating the eyes

I have created a page for getting a quick look and understanding of the procedure for pledging/donating the eyes.
Please click here to know more and act upon it.
"Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes! - Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift Your Sight - Make it your WISH!"

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Morning Bangalore!

Today morning, i messaged RJ Vasanthi of Radio City about the good enthu response got from some fellow Bangaloreans, in response to my initiative and the segment of Eye Donation (where i was on air, live, with Vasanthi on Monday, 1005hrs to 1040hrs) and a note of thanks for making this happening.
After few minutes, i got a call and guess who was on the other was RJ Vasanthi again!!! She told that she will put me ON AIR for 2 mins so that i can offer my thanks to Bangalore and also reiterate the cause for which i have started my initiative and the contact details for the same (
I went on air, wished and thanked all and urged more and more Bangaloreans to get aware of this noble cause and spread the message... "Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

Monday, January 30, 2006

LIVE, ON AIR, on Radio City 91FM Bangalore

Today Morning i was ON AIR LIVE, in a segment called 'Bangalore Inspires', speaking about my Eye Donation initiative to the always enthu-filled RJ Vasanthi!! It is a great feeling to go on air and express your ideas/views to the people of Bangalore...And u know, i got a good response instantly with lots of SMS flooding, for some queries / for support of this cause! The office of Radio City is pretty small and even small is the Recording room, from where the music is pumped out to the City 24/7!! Vasanthi made me feel very comfortable with the before-hand discussions about the topics that would come on that you will feel at ease while answering them ON AIR! While coming out, at 1100hrs, i met RJ Cindu, who hosts the segment next to RJ Vasanthi's 'Good Morning Bangalore'! RJ Feona was on leave today and RJ Darius and RJ Sunaina Lal were not in the office at that time (i mean they usually come in the late noon for their evening show!) Its awesome and i truly hope and just hope that the Eye Donation awareness increases among all Bangaloreans...:) "Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Member of EBAI

Last week I had applied for the membership of the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI), which is present in Hyderabad and is the parent of all Eye Banks across India. They along with many institutes like LV Prasad Eye Institute and ORBIS International do a lot of programs on this eye donation. Also, EBAI were the people behind the eye donation campaigns by Mr. Amitabh Bhachan, Ms. Aishwarya Rai. Today, I received the membership card of this prestigious institute (Membership No. IND-A-1568) and I seriously hope to make use of it, in this year and make a difference to this society.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Eye donations received - Lions Eye Bank, Bangalore

Eye donations received
Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 06-Jan-2006
Lions International Eye Bank has received eyes from 986 donors, which have been used for corneal grafting. As many as 3,469 men and women have pledged their eyes to the bank. (This is for the whole year 2005)
Contact 22235005, 22121253 or 22121255 for more information.
My view on this:
Is this number enough? Definitely not!
Do we have only 986 deaths in Bangalore, in one whole year, considering the population of Bangalore as 7Million?? Definitely NO...There will be, for sure, many deaths due to natural death or due to Accidents or due to some other cause. According to Bangalore Traffic Police information, in 2005, 831 persons were killed in 791 fatal accidents and 6,031 injured in 6,785 accidents (non fatal). Here, see the number of deaths due to accident...its 831 and this figure is almost competing with the number of donors!
Its definitely time to increase the donor number and this can be acheived thru YOU. YOU should be aware of the eye donation and spread this awareness to all your known friends/family...PLEDGE YOUR EYES NOW and DONATE the eyes of the deceased!
"Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"
Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Webspace about Eye Donation

In my attempt to create a webspace for this Eye Donation initiative, i have created a very simple and plain webspace that contains information mentioned here, in this blog.
The URL of this new webspace is:
[The only difference one can find is that, in this blog one has to scroll from bottom to read the information that i want to deliver where as in my new webspace, one can click the hyperlink provided on the Left hand side of the page to know the required information]
Request to make use of either of these to get the information about Eye Donation.
Act upon and Spread the message...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy, Prosperous and Colorful New Year 2006!

Wish you and your folks a very Happy, Prosperous and Colorful New Year 2006! Hope you all come forward to try to eliminate the blindness in our country by PLEDGING your eyes / MOTIVATING your family and friends to PLEDGE the eyes and then donate it when the death happens / DONATING the eyes of the deceased in your community! Make it an important item in your Wish list, Act upon it and spread the message... "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes!" - Pledge & Donate your eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!