Thursday, February 23, 2006

Successful conclusion of the Eye Donation and Pledging Campaign - Gift Your Sight!

The Campaign to Create Awareness on Eye Pledging and Eye Donation, conducted in my company campus yesterday (22nd Feb 2006), was a whopping success!! There was good response by the people for this and i thank god for making my first step a success...I thank Lions International Eye Bank for coming down here on my request and conducting this 'Gift Your Sight' campaign. (The pic on the left side is the small counter setup for this campaign, in my company!)
Number wise, we are around 1200+ in our campus here and i got pledges totalling 275+ (from 1145hrs to 1645hrs) from the employees here.
Going forward, i plan to take this campaign to lot more companies, thru the network of my good
friends and spread the message...

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