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4 digit Telephone number to reach Eye Bank

I recently found out that there is a 4 digit Telephone number to reach the Eye Banks across Bangalore. I am not sure how effective or how the working procedure of this number is, but still, please note it down for quick access.
The number is 1053
As per the small information i got, dialing this number will connect to a centralized eye bank desk, where they will ask the area of your residence (the place where the dead body is kept) and then divert your call / assist you in reaching the eye bank that is nearest to your residence so that the doctors belonging to that eye bank can act quickly.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Contact numbers of some Eye Centers in Bangalore

Please find some useful contact numbers of some eye banks in Bangalore (STD code: 080). The source of this is from the BSNL website ( Please utilize these numbers so as to make a healthy contribution to the soceity.
  1. LIONS INTERNATIONAL EYE BANK/HOSPITAL, Lions Eye Hospital Road (Off J.C. Road), Bangalore - 560 002. Ph # 2223 5005 / 2212 1255
  2. NETRA JYOTHI INTERNATIONAL EYE BANK, 56/2, Hs Rd, Bangalore - 560 002. Ph # 2224 3974 / 2224 3974
  3. PRABHA EYE CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTRE 504, Cross 40, Block 8, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560 070. Ph # 2663 7041 / 2634 4141 / 2691 0731
  4. NARAYAN EYE FOUNDATION P LTD 121/c, Chord Rd, Block 1r, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560010. Ph # 2357 6855 / 2357 2633 / 2290 2927 / 2347 9366 / 2357 7355 / 2337 0122 / 2357 7776 / 2357 8530
  5. BG WEST LIONS EYE HOSPITAL 56/2, Eye Hosp Rd, Jc Road, Bangalore - 560002. Ph # 2212 1253 / 2597 0657 / 2212 1255
  6. DR AGARWAL'S EYE HOSPITAL LTD 15, Eagle St Tn, Richmond Town, Bangalore - 560025. Ph # 2212 6732 / 2222 1242 / 2229 3040 / 2229 8175 / 2229 8215 / 2224 0200
  7. NETHRADHAMA SUPER SPECIALITY EYE HOSPITAL 256/14, Nethradhama, Kp Rd, Block 7, Jayanagar, 560082. Ph # 2663 4202 / 2663 3770
  8. HAWKEYE INSTITUTE FOR BETTER VISION 312/17, Cross 27, Main 10, Block 3, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011. Ph # 2655 7223
  9. SURANA PROJECT DRISHTI EYE INSTITUTE 2, Sirur Park Rd, Seshadripuram, Bangalore - 560020. Ph # 2334 7042 / 2334 7027
  10. BHAGWAN MAHAVEER JAIN NETRALAYA 3, Rly Platform Rd, Bangalore - 560020. Ph # 2356 5384
  11. VITTALA INTERNATIONAL INST OF OPTHALMOGY, Hosakerehalli, Cross 2, Main 2, Stage 3, Block 7, Banashankari, Bangalore - 560085. Ph # 2672 2213 / 2672 2214 / 2672 2215 / 2672 2219

MYTHS associated with Eye donation, in India

Here, you can get to know some MYTHS associated with Eye donation, in India, that may be preventing many people from donating their eyes...
Some people think that if they donate their eyes, it will leave holes in the place where their eyes existed. Wrong. Only the Cornea portion of the eye is removed and hence the appearance of the face of the deceased remains the same. Some other people are of the opinion that if they donate their eyes in this life, they shall be born blind in the next life. Wrong. There is no written rule about this and nobody has experienced this! Eye donation is truly a good deed and a good deed always begets good. All religions and their institutions support eye donation and consider it as one of the best donation a person can make. Some people hesitate to pledge their eyes for donation worrying about how their relatives will react. Such people should keep in mind that a little resistance should not hinder the good deed that one is performing. In fact, they should try to motivate their relatives and friends for donating the eyes, by describing the good effects of this donation movement.

Person with eye problem like Cataract or Glaucoma cannot donate their eyes. Also, the person is very old and hence cannot donate his/her eyes.

Wrong. A Person who HAS Cataract or Glaucoma CANNOT donate their eyes, But a person OPERATED for Cataract or Glaucoma can BE considered for eye donation. Also, Age will not come into picture while donating the eyes. As long as the person or his/her family/friends have a good mindset of doing some good to blind, can donate their eyes.

I was reading an article in the Newsletter of EBAI where i found that the eyes of an 105 year old lady of Mysore district was donated (in 2002) and now, her eyes is used by two blind persons to see this beautiful world! How amazing it could be...

Hopefully, in this 21st century, people will not yield to these myths and hence come out and volunteer themselves for donating their eyes, to make this world a 'blind-free' world!!


FACTS of Eye Donation, in India

In this write-up, one can come across the stunning FACTS of eye donation, particularly in our country, India.
  1. There are 12 million+ blind people in India, out of which about 4 million+ are corneally blind. There is a huge backlog of the number of corneal blind people waiting to get their sight.
  2. As of today, Eye collection figures stand at around 20000+ eyes per year, from around 200+ eye banks across India. This number itself is not sufficient for the freshly added corneal blind.
  3. One startling fact of this is we still import eyes from Sri Lanka, which is 1/4th or even less size than India. Sri Lanka, besides catering to its own requirement, sends the eyeballs to several other countries. Over the last quarter of the century, it has flown over 20000+ eyeballs to 135 centres in the various countries of the world.

Looking at the above facts, dont you think that we should make a difference? If yes, please go and pledge yourself for eye donation or if their is a death in your family / friends circle, motivate the people to donate the eyes of the deceased so that a blind person can see this world thru the donated eyes!

A well worked stategy to increase Eye Donation awareness called HCRP

Hospital Corneal Retrieval Program (HCRP) is a proactive program initiated in some hospitals across the country. In this programme, a specially trained social worker, called Eye Donation Counselor (EDC) [or Grief Counselor] is positioned at a hospital round the clock at the ICUs, Trauma units, Nephrology centers and so on, to build up rapport with the attendants, staffs and doctors. When the death occurs, after the bereaved family has reconciled itself to the tragic reality, the EDC makes a sensitive request for the donation of the eyes. It has been found out by the EBAI (Eye Bank Association of India) that the success rate is good and has been effective.

(Any Myths associated with Eye donation that is preventing people from donating?...Find it out in my next write-up)

Know here about Eye donation and the procedures

In this write-up, you will get to know more about Eye donation and the procedure involved. What is Eye Donation and How is this helpful?Netram Pradhanam Servendriyanam” (Translation: Eyes are the precious gift given to the humans by the Almighty) - Lord Krishna to Arjuna (Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Chapter 15, Shloka 8.1) Eye donation is donating the eyes after a person’s death. Eyes are very valuable part of a human being, which should not be wasted either by burning or burying the body. Donation of the eyes gives sight to TWO Corneally blind persons, enabling them to come out of their dark and dreary life into a life full of colors, a life where they can see and enjoy this beautiful world! “Eyes are a precious gift to a person. But the same eyes bring misery when misused or when they are lost. A wise man utilizes that gift while alive and on death too”. - A famous poet.
Who all can donate their eyes?
Age does not matter while making this precious donation. Person suffering from Diabetics, Hypertension, Systemic disorders like Asthma and Tuberculosis CAN ALSO donate their eyes. Cataract surgery patient can also be a happy donor. Above all, all Religions endorse the practice of eye donations and its one great valuable service a person can do in his/her life.
Who all CANNOT donate their eyes? Eyes will not be collected if death has occured due to the following diseases.
AIDS / Hepatitis B Septicemia / Sepsis: Viral Infection spread thru bloodstream affecting vital organs Leukemia: Disease related to Bone Marrow Rabies: Fatal viral disease, transmitted by the bite of warm-blooded animals like dogs Cancer with Metastasis to Head and Neck: Transmission of pathogenic microorganisms/cancerous cells thru blood vessels. Encephalitis: Inflammation of the brain Hodgkins Lymphoma: Cancerous growth of cells in the Lymph system of the body.
So, i want to donate the eyes but What is the procedure?
Donation can happen in either of these two ways.
  1. S/He can walk in to a nearest Eye Bank and PLEDGE their eyes for donation. For this, a pledge form needs to be filled, signed by a witness (can be your relative/friend) and given back to the eye bank. In the time of that person’s death, his/her relative/friend, who was a witness for the pledge form or any other family member/friend who had the knowledge that the person who passed away intended to donate the eyes, should call the nearest eye bank. One important aspect to be noted here that it is not sufficient if a person pledges for donating his/her eyes after the death. His/her relatives and friends should be well informed and be well aware to call the nearest eye bank, for donating the eyes after their death.
  2. After death, a relative or a friend of the deceased person can inform the eye bank and tell them that they wish to donate the eyes of their bereaved folk.
Steps to take care for donation of the eyes
  • Call the nearest eye bank within SIX HOURS of the death of the person.
  • Switch off fans & keep AC on, if you have one.
  • Close the eye lids gently and keep a moist cloth over eyes.
  • Raise head with a pillow.

Points worth to be noted

  1. Persons of any Age/Sex can donate their eyes
  2. Persons who have undergone surgery for Cataract, Glaucoma or using Spectacles can also pledge and donate their eyes.
  3. Eyes should be donated preferably within SIX hours after the death.
  4. Nobody is charged for making eye donation. The only cost to encounter is one local telephone call.
  5. Face will NOT get disfigured after eye donation. As per the new procedures, only Cornea portion is removed and hence face disfigurement does not happen.
  6. Immediate family members or relatives can donate the eyes of the deceased even if the deceased had not pledged for eye donation during his/her life time.
  7. Eyes can be donated to any eye bank in India but preferably to the nearest eye bank to avoid delays.
  8. TWO Corneally blind persons can get sight due to a single person's eye donation.

(In the next write-up, i will talk on the Facts and Myths of Eye donation, particularly in our country, India)

Cornea, Corneal Grafting and some related readings

In this write-up, i will be concentrating on the Cornea, Corneal Grafting and some related readings...So, please read on... What is cornea? The cornea is the clear outer layer at the front of the eye. The colored part of the eye (called Iris) and the round opening in it (called Pupil) can be seen through the cornea. The cornea helps to focus and transmit light as it passes to the lens and on to the Retina at the back of the eye. (When light reaches the retina, it is converted into impulses which are transmitted via the Optic nerve to the visual centre in the brain) Why does the cornea get damaged? Some people are born with abnormalities of the cornea. In a condition known as Keratoconus, the cornea develops an abnormal curvature that makes normal vision impossible. Some childhood infections like measles can also cloud the cornea, often causing permanent blindness throughout the person’s life. In later years, infection or traumas to the eye are the main causes for the cornea to become cloudy and this can reduce the vision. In older people, Degenerative diseases, often caused by excessive exposure to harsh sunlight can cause the cornea to become dull and hence loss of vision. How can the eyesight in these patients be restored? Persons who have lost their sight because of corneal damage can hope to regain their sight thru the Corneal Grafting procedure. So, What is Corneal Grafting? This is a procedure to replace the damaged Cornea or part of it, with an healthy Corneal tissue. The new Cornea is obtained from donated Corneas, which undergo thorough testing before being used for transplantation. Who requires corneal grafting? Be an young child or an Adult or an Old person, everybody can be operated on to replace the dull and opacified Cornea with a new cornea, so that they may be able to see and enjoy this beautiful world! From where do hospitals get the Corneas for transplantation? Corneas are removed from the eyes of people who have died, with the consent from the individual or his family. This is collected and kept in the respective eye banks.
Corneas are not taken from donors known to have infectious conditions. All donors are screened for carriers of AIDS or Hepatitis viruses before their corneas are used.
(In the next write-up, i will come to the topic of Eye donation and its related readings)

Background of Eye Donation

Let me give you some background of eye donation. What it solves and Why is this required?
The case of Corneal Blindness.
The cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye. It is a thick transparent layer on the eyeball and is a focusing element of the eye. Vision will be reduced / even lost if the cornea becomes cloudy from either a disease or injury or infection. This loss of vision or causing blindness by the cornea is termed as Corneal Blindness.
Some important and noteworthy causes are:
  • Injuries
  • Malnutrition
  • Infections
  • Chemical burns
  • Congenital disorders
  • Post operative complications or infections.
Lost sight can be restored through the medical procedure called Corneal Transplantation (or sometimes called Corneal Grafting)., where the damaged Cornea is replaced by the good one obtained through donation and this is where the Eye donation concept comes into picture.
(The next write-up will be giving you a brief overview of Cornea, Corneal Transplantation and related readings)

About Me and My Intention behind this blog

This will be blog for creating and spreading awareness on eye donation. Dontate your eyes so that even after your death, you are remembered for having given vision to TWO blind persons! TWO blind people are able to see this beautiful world, just because of you...
So, go ahead, gift your eyes to the needy...Utilize this oppurtunity to make this greatest contribution that god has given to us!
My vision is: "To create a larger awareness among the public about the eye donation and how they can help by donating their eyes so that the many blind people across our country can see and enjoy this beautiful world"
To discover more, read on the successive blogs.
Make Eye Donation as your very important WISH in life! Keep your family members / friends aware of this good wish.
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