Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Morning Bangalore!

Today morning, i messaged RJ Vasanthi of Radio City about the good enthu response got from some fellow Bangaloreans, in response to my initiative and the segment of Eye Donation (where i was on air, live, with Vasanthi on Monday, 1005hrs to 1040hrs) and a note of thanks for making this happening.
After few minutes, i got a call and guess who was on the other side...yeah..it was RJ Vasanthi again!!! She told that she will put me ON AIR for 2 mins so that i can offer my thanks to Bangalore and also reiterate the cause for which i have started my initiative and the contact details for the same (giftyoursight@gmail.com)
I went on air, wished and thanked all and urged more and more Bangaloreans to get aware of this noble cause and spread the message... "Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

Monday, January 30, 2006

LIVE, ON AIR, on Radio City 91FM Bangalore

Today Morning i was ON AIR LIVE, in a segment called 'Bangalore Inspires', speaking about my Eye Donation initiative to the always enthu-filled RJ Vasanthi!! It is a great feeling to go on air and express your ideas/views to the people of Bangalore...And u know, i got a good response instantly with lots of SMS flooding, for some queries / for support of this cause! The office of Radio City is pretty small and even small is the Recording room, from where the music is pumped out to the City 24/7!! Vasanthi made me feel very comfortable with the before-hand discussions about the topics that would come on air...so that you will feel at ease while answering them ON AIR! While coming out, at 1100hrs, i met RJ Cindu, who hosts the segment next to RJ Vasanthi's 'Good Morning Bangalore'! RJ Feona was on leave today and RJ Darius and RJ Sunaina Lal were not in the office at that time (i mean they usually come in the late noon for their evening show!) Its awesome and i truly hope and just hope that the Eye Donation awareness increases among all Bangaloreans...:) "Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Member of EBAI

Last week I had applied for the membership of the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI), which is present in Hyderabad and is the parent of all Eye Banks across India. They along with many institutes like LV Prasad Eye Institute and ORBIS International do a lot of programs on this eye donation. Also, EBAI were the people behind the eye donation campaigns by Mr. Amitabh Bhachan, Ms. Aishwarya Rai. Today, I received the membership card of this prestigious institute (Membership No. IND-A-1568) and I seriously hope to make use of it, in this year and make a difference to this society.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Eye donations received - Lions Eye Bank, Bangalore

Eye donations received
Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 06-Jan-2006
Lions International Eye Bank has received eyes from 986 donors, which have been used for corneal grafting. As many as 3,469 men and women have pledged their eyes to the bank. (This is for the whole year 2005)
Contact 22235005, 22121253 or 22121255 for more information.
My view on this:
Is this number enough? Definitely not!
Do we have only 986 deaths in Bangalore, in one whole year, considering the population of Bangalore as 7Million?? Definitely NO...There will be, for sure, many deaths due to natural death or due to Accidents or due to some other cause. According to Bangalore Traffic Police information, in 2005, 831 persons were killed in 791 fatal accidents and 6,031 injured in 6,785 accidents (non fatal). Here, see the number of deaths due to accident...its 831 and this figure is almost competing with the number of donors!
Its definitely time to increase the donor number and this can be acheived thru YOU. YOU should be aware of the eye donation and spread this awareness to all your known friends/family...PLEDGE YOUR EYES NOW and DONATE the eyes of the deceased!
"Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"
Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Webspace about Eye Donation

In my attempt to create a webspace for this Eye Donation initiative, i have created a very simple and plain webspace that contains information mentioned here, in this blog.
The URL of this new webspace is: http://www.freewebs.com/giftyoursight
[The only difference one can find is that, in this blog one has to scroll from bottom to read the information that i want to deliver where as in my new webspace, one can click the hyperlink provided on the Left hand side of the page to know the required information]
Request to make use of either of these to get the information about Eye Donation.
Act upon and Spread the message...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy, Prosperous and Colorful New Year 2006!

Wish you and your folks a very Happy, Prosperous and Colorful New Year 2006! Hope you all come forward to try to eliminate the blindness in our country by PLEDGING your eyes / MOTIVATING your family and friends to PLEDGE the eyes and then donate it when the death happens / DONATING the eyes of the deceased in your community! Make it an important item in your Wish list, Act upon it and spread the message... "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes!" - Pledge & Donate your eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!