Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eye Donation/Pledging Awareness Week at HP India Office - Session 2!

One of our HP offices in Bangalore wanted to host the Eye Donation/Pledging Awareness Camp for 2nd session, as many people had shown interest for the 1st session but could not make it due to various reasons. So, yesterday (23-Sept-08) the Doctor from Prabha Eye Bank visited this office and we conducted this camp for nearly 3 hours...and the response that we got was just awesome...above all expectations! We collected nearly 125 pledges from the interested employees and hitting this 3-digit number is really a milestone by itself! Again, Thanks to everyone who opted for this camp and I wish they will spread the word among their friends and families!
Gift Your Sight :: Make It Your Wish!


donateeyes said...

thanks for your info, did you have info too visit me, here.

Rakhi said...

i want to donate my eyes...
Pls suggest me how and to whom i can donate so that it ll reach to right person after me..

Rakhi Singh

Vishal VERC said...

Eye donation awareness camp is useful for people who are all unknown. Encourage all youth's to donate our eye's. Eye clinic Banaswadi

Vishal VERC said...

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