Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Morning Bangalore!

Today morning, i messaged RJ Vasanthi of Radio City about the good enthu response got from some fellow Bangaloreans, in response to my initiative and the segment of Eye Donation (where i was on air, live, with Vasanthi on Monday, 1005hrs to 1040hrs) and a note of thanks for making this happening.
After few minutes, i got a call and guess who was on the other side...yeah..it was RJ Vasanthi again!!! She told that she will put me ON AIR for 2 mins so that i can offer my thanks to Bangalore and also reiterate the cause for which i have started my initiative and the contact details for the same (giftyoursight@gmail.com)
I went on air, wished and thanked all and urged more and more Bangaloreans to get aware of this noble cause and spread the message... "Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

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