Monday, January 30, 2006

LIVE, ON AIR, on Radio City 91FM Bangalore

Today Morning i was ON AIR LIVE, in a segment called 'Bangalore Inspires', speaking about my Eye Donation initiative to the always enthu-filled RJ Vasanthi!! It is a great feeling to go on air and express your ideas/views to the people of Bangalore...And u know, i got a good response instantly with lots of SMS flooding, for some queries / for support of this cause! The office of Radio City is pretty small and even small is the Recording room, from where the music is pumped out to the City 24/7!! Vasanthi made me feel very comfortable with the before-hand discussions about the topics that would come on that you will feel at ease while answering them ON AIR! While coming out, at 1100hrs, i met RJ Cindu, who hosts the segment next to RJ Vasanthi's 'Good Morning Bangalore'! RJ Feona was on leave today and RJ Darius and RJ Sunaina Lal were not in the office at that time (i mean they usually come in the late noon for their evening show!) Its awesome and i truly hope and just hope that the Eye Donation awareness increases among all Bangaloreans...:) "Light up the darkness in life! Enable blind to see this beautiful world thru your Eyes"Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift your Sight :: Make it your WISH!

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