Monday, December 19, 2005

About Me and My Intention behind this blog

This will be blog for creating and spreading awareness on eye donation. Dontate your eyes so that even after your death, you are remembered for having given vision to TWO blind persons! TWO blind people are able to see this beautiful world, just because of you...
So, go ahead, gift your eyes to the needy...Utilize this oppurtunity to make this greatest contribution that god has given to us!
My vision is: "To create a larger awareness among the public about the eye donation and how they can help by donating their eyes so that the many blind people across our country can see and enjoy this beautiful world"
To discover more, read on the successive blogs.
Make Eye Donation as your very important WISH in life! Keep your family members / friends aware of this good wish.
Thanks for your support,
Email me at giftyoursight [AT] gmail [DOT] com
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