Monday, December 19, 2005

MYTHS associated with Eye donation, in India

Here, you can get to know some MYTHS associated with Eye donation, in India, that may be preventing many people from donating their eyes...
Some people think that if they donate their eyes, it will leave holes in the place where their eyes existed. Wrong. Only the Cornea portion of the eye is removed and hence the appearance of the face of the deceased remains the same. Some other people are of the opinion that if they donate their eyes in this life, they shall be born blind in the next life. Wrong. There is no written rule about this and nobody has experienced this! Eye donation is truly a good deed and a good deed always begets good. All religions and their institutions support eye donation and consider it as one of the best donation a person can make. Some people hesitate to pledge their eyes for donation worrying about how their relatives will react. Such people should keep in mind that a little resistance should not hinder the good deed that one is performing. In fact, they should try to motivate their relatives and friends for donating the eyes, by describing the good effects of this donation movement.

Person with eye problem like Cataract or Glaucoma cannot donate their eyes. Also, the person is very old and hence cannot donate his/her eyes.

Wrong. A Person who HAS Cataract or Glaucoma CANNOT donate their eyes, But a person OPERATED for Cataract or Glaucoma can BE considered for eye donation. Also, Age will not come into picture while donating the eyes. As long as the person or his/her family/friends have a good mindset of doing some good to blind, can donate their eyes.

I was reading an article in the Newsletter of EBAI where i found that the eyes of an 105 year old lady of Mysore district was donated (in 2002) and now, her eyes is used by two blind persons to see this beautiful world! How amazing it could be...

Hopefully, in this 21st century, people will not yield to these myths and hence come out and volunteer themselves for donating their eyes, to make this world a 'blind-free' world!!


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