Monday, December 19, 2005

FACTS of Eye Donation, in India

In this write-up, one can come across the stunning FACTS of eye donation, particularly in our country, India.
  1. There are 12 million+ blind people in India, out of which about 4 million+ are corneally blind. There is a huge backlog of the number of corneal blind people waiting to get their sight.
  2. As of today, Eye collection figures stand at around 20000+ eyes per year, from around 200+ eye banks across India. This number itself is not sufficient for the freshly added corneal blind.
  3. One startling fact of this is we still import eyes from Sri Lanka, which is 1/4th or even less size than India. Sri Lanka, besides catering to its own requirement, sends the eyeballs to several other countries. Over the last quarter of the century, it has flown over 20000+ eyeballs to 135 centres in the various countries of the world.

Looking at the above facts, dont you think that we should make a difference? If yes, please go and pledge yourself for eye donation or if their is a death in your family / friends circle, motivate the people to donate the eyes of the deceased so that a blind person can see this world thru the donated eyes!

A well worked stategy to increase Eye Donation awareness called HCRP

Hospital Corneal Retrieval Program (HCRP) is a proactive program initiated in some hospitals across the country. In this programme, a specially trained social worker, called Eye Donation Counselor (EDC) [or Grief Counselor] is positioned at a hospital round the clock at the ICUs, Trauma units, Nephrology centers and so on, to build up rapport with the attendants, staffs and doctors. When the death occurs, after the bereaved family has reconciled itself to the tragic reality, the EDC makes a sensitive request for the donation of the eyes. It has been found out by the EBAI (Eye Bank Association of India) that the success rate is good and has been effective.

(Any Myths associated with Eye donation that is preventing people from donating?...Find it out in my next write-up)

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